What is rebuffering

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    i think you may be looking for the word "rebuff" rebuff means to not accept what a person does. you know, i'm not sure of that but you can look it up.
    Now there's two definitions for a word we can only guess at, lol

    Hi Colleen.

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    Buffering pertains to streaming video. Buffering is the act of preloading the stream of information so that the video or audio will play smoothly, without being choppy.
    Waynster, I apologise for adding a comment not applicable to your question.

    If you remove one letter from your word you have rebuffing.

    Eismee found the the root in "rebuff" and she is right about the meaning.

    I could have said. "I apologise for rebuffing you. You asked a question and I added a comment that was inapplicable."

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