Why do Politicians travel to other countries on our dime?

    Why do they? I seen on the news that a senator traveled to Afganistan to visit the troops. Why? the troops are doing just fine. He said it was a trip to boost moral.

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    If only a dime were all they spent!
    If he really wanted to boost morale, he could have taken a cargo plane with military personal headed over to do yet another tour of duty. Ride like the fighting men and women do. Not first class all cozy and well fed.

    Do we have men like that anymore?

    King George V1 and Winston Churchill both announced their intention to travel with the troops on D day.

    The king told Churchill he was vital as our military leader and couldn't go as he might get killed.

    Churchill told the king, who did spend the whole war, including the Blitz, in London, morale would suffer if he was killed.

    Neither would give in so neither was allowed to go.

    Well a senator is neither a King nor a Winston Churchill. We can afford to lose one or 2 I think ;)
    "boost morale" oh barf. i don't understand politics at all and all i know is we can't stop that nonsense. good question, 1967. sorry there's np answer.
    They don't become Politicians to spend theirs, have you ever heard of a poor politician!!
    In the UK we call it "the gravy train", which politians ride when they don't have their snouts in the trough gobbling at our expense.

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