what do you you do when your parents dont let you play video games or watch tv?

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    unplug their tv see how they like it !
    People my age were too busy dreaming about what you have today so they went ahead and invented the stuff built it and sold it to your parents and that's why kids are so messed up today.. It's my generation's fault.. Do what Flip said up there, go do your homework.. 'Self Motivation'-- Don't wait until someone tells you to do it..

    That's so true Vinny :)

    There ya go!!!!!

    Hi Vinny. How are things over there on the west side?

    Sunny and bright, beautiful weather today, awaiting the Giants game.. Probably gunna lose again.. How things in your world.. I have a nephew Philip, we call him 'Flip' too!! HA!!

    Yep ... if you say phillip real fast, it sounds like Flip.
    There's this amazing thing beyond your bedroom door, it's called THE WORLD! Go outside and explore it like the kid you are and enjoy it, soon you may be tied up in an office all day!
    I'm glad I made it through my childhood unscathed. We had 1 black and white TV. We got to watch it for 2 hours on Friday night and on Sunday we watched The Wild Kingdom and Walt Disney. That's it. No other TV time in between. We had no video games, no computers, no cell phones or ipods. We spent the majority of our day outside playing or working around the small farm we lived on. It is survivable to not sit and fixate on a TV or video game for hours and days on end.
    Thank them. Get your ass outside and do something physical so the next time some guy bitch slaps you you'll be able to defend yourself.
    If you obey them you might be surprised what they will let you do. When I was your age we had a black and white tv and I never got to pick the channel to watch, we only had two.

    Go out and do things thats fun play games where you think and move. Then go home by dark and study and you might grow up to make something of yourself.
    Do whatever they wanted you to do in the first place and listen when ask/told to do something an see if, your situation changes.
    Go outside and play cowboys and indians. Kick a ball.
    OR just finish your homework like a good kid :)
    When your parents tell you too much TV is not good, then your parents are RIGHT.
    Spend either more time with your friends, go to a museum, learn something from there, go to the zoo, learn something from there, go to the library, learn something from there, go to art expeditions, learn something from there, there are hundreds of other places near your area that you can spend more time in and learn some REAL things rather than watching superman fly or was it batman that did fly, no idea, anyway Go learn some REAL stuff again, then your brain won't rotten and your parents would be more happier to see you fixated on real stuff other than that brainwashing box. :)
    Write and read as much as you can.

    Your sister,

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