Is Cracking Your Knuckles Bad FOr You?

    Cracking Knuckels Bad or Good?

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    I've heard that cracking your knuckles will lead to Arthritis but I've been doing it since I;m a teenager and I'm 55 now and my knuckles are fine.

    Depends who's head you crack them on lol

    I've cracked my knuckles since i was a kid.I'm 58 and have arthritis now.I use to wear a size 13 ring now i have to buy a 13 and a half.

    I do enjoy popping my knuckles every once in a while. It does relieve the pressure

    My Dr told me that cracking my knuckles isnt what it sounds like. Your not actually popping bones. What the popping sound is, is actually fluid that is around ur joints to protect them, that develop little air pockets in the fluid. Thats why it feels like your knuckles have pressure, but after you pop them, the pressure goes away. It CAN lead to arthritis, but not necessarily for everyone. It can however, also cause your knuckles, fingers, and sometimes your whole hand to swell. So if it doesnt seem to be affecting you, keep on popping. Most elderly people never popped their knuckles and developed arthritis anyway, so why not enjoy a good knuckle popping, because arthritis is pretty much inevitable. My Dr told me to just keep doing it.

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