how did arizona become a republican state when the majority are poor working stiffs?

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    Besauce poor WORKING stiffs are not dumb just poor.

    Click on any town in AZ and you will find hard working Americans who helped make America what it is today.
    The state leans Republican because most of its people know that relying on the Government to provide for their needs instead of working for it has put this great nation in the predicament its in now.

    I LOVE the laws they enact also.
    thats not right, demo's have always taken care of the poor,sick,young, the repub's would throw them out into the street, the problems are the rebub's wars they wage for their own benefits, be it oil for the busch family or the arms company's like dick chenneys company. the money the repub's used for war would off set any new taxes.
    Headless Man

    My daughter got in that trap of government taking care of her. Siting on her butt and waiting for her monthly check. Now we got her working and she is proud of herself again and feels better about herself.

    well finaly parents that did something
    Not true anymore. Many are retired folk living off pensions the Democrats put in place so they wouldn't be a burden on the country in their retirement years. Many are from the north and north east. They like the warm, dry air of Arizona.

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