if u really loves someone,but there from another state and realy home sick,do you let them go.even though u dont want to

    from az move to sc to start a new life,im crazy about her.

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    If you love her, why don't you go with her?

    jump in

    these is her i like that thank you

    Good luck :-)
    Ever been Homesick? It sucks. Home is were the heart is.
    The old cliche has always stood true. If you really love her , you have to let her go. I've had to do that in my life, not easy but it contests to just how much you love her. Something else you have to realize is saying "let her" seems very controlling and selfish even if your not that way.I would imagine she will be back...good men are hard to find. Things always work out but let go of the "let her" and encourage her to do what is best for her, if you love her that much you would want her to be happy.
    thanks for avised ,i let her read it and she feel that all she needs is avisit and wants to come back and start a new life as planned.
    thanks again.

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