How to soften hardened brown sugar

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    I am not sure because I have not tried it but I have heard that you can do that by putting it in the microwave, but I would only try maybe 10 seconds at a time to see if it works?
    You can also use a cheese grater(smallest grate). I know this won't soften it but it is one solution.
    you can damp it first and then cover then put in microwave for about 10 seconds see how you go then if still hard repeat good luck
    I have put a sliced apple into a sealed container with the brown suger over night and it worked for me.
    I was curious so I decided to look it up and I found this site: and it turns out all of the above will work. On this site there are a few more as well. I always used to throw it out but now I can use it. Thanks to all. I never would have looked this up if it wasn't for this question. The site I found is pretty good too. Thanks guys!

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