ok boys and girls: what fragrance do you have on your dresser?

    i have white linen, euphoria, & paris. the bath and body fragrances go unused. my husband refuses to wear a cologne or shaving lotion (wonder why) oh yeah, my VERY favorite is fendi but a woman can't go out wearing that stuff. you'll draw a crowd. (no worry. it's not sold in the us anymore) i'm NOT ric, i just have a passion for perfumes.

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    "grey flanel" it drives the girls nuts all two of them my wife and the cat
    this would go under beauty and style. the question was whisked away from me before i got a chance to add that. is it important for our questions to be catagorized?

    Not really important. tags just help the people who look at categories. I don't believe many do so it's not a major thing if you don't get your question labeled or tagged.
    The only commercial fragrance I have is "Vanilla Fields" (perfume for poor people, but nonetheless delicious). I want to get myself a body splash (or even the perfume) that's called "Coffee Flower", too.

    But my favourite fragrance is a perfume oil made with roses which my sister brought me from Syria. I also liked a perfume oil by the body shop called "Neroli Jasmin". Unfortunately, they don't sell it anymore, and I dropped the flacon, so the stuff got spilled all over the bathroom floor :(.

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