what causes sickness

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    Germs. Improper diet. Not bathing enough. Genetics. Sex without protection. Chemicals in processed food like McDonalds.
    There are many things that cause sickness. Starting with the basic is lack of sleep, poor nutrition, stress, alcohol and drug abuse. I also believe that holding on to anger and resentment can cause sickness as well. Being negative draws negative and bad energy towards you. Always focusing on the things wrong with you give the sickness more strength. I work with the public and I have clients that own their health issues by calling it "my". arthritis. This is really unhealthy and gives what's wrong power and allows it to dominate your subject context and hence it dominates your life. Positive thinking is such a healer in life.Easy for me to say being I have good health but I see the effects of negativity all the time. Thoughts become things, choose the good ones;)

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