in economics what is a profit margin

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    let say you had no cents and i had 10 cents and someone else had twenty cents. and we both hired you for 5 cents each. you would have a profit of 10 cents does that make scence!
    If you're talking about the profit on something you purchase it will vary a great deal but average is probably 40-50% but thats before expense is taken out. (cost of doing business)
    I will say this about 'profit margins'-- Its more difficult to maintain a good one in bad economic times, unless you're into the 'green' marketing-- In my area, any business that advertises 'green' will hit a good profit margin.. I sell pianos for a living, and I also do our marketing I am constantly trying to figure out how to tie in 'green marketing' to our sales.. It doesn't work well for us. Building a piano 'traditionally' consist of breaking every 'go-green' manufacturing technique.

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