Do You Think Americans Will Continue To Live Their Lives Normally Or Live In Fear Because Of The Recent Threats?

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    great question.. no simple answer. the vast majority perhaps will live in fear to a certain degree... depending on how aware you are to whats really going on in the world.fear is exactly what the terrorist want.. vigalance out weighs fear,theirs no stopping them nor is their no stopping us from protecting defence is a good offence, meaning we got the best inteligence on earth(cia,dod,fbi, and countless federal organizations we don't even know about). but they can only do so much. bravery lies within each one of us and our relationship to god
    All this information being released by the white house about terrorist plots and maybe attacks on the US are simply to get peoples attention off the fact that Obama lied!!! The assassination story of Osama has more holes in it than his body supposedly does.
    What threats? The ones the White House made up along with their make believe story of killing Osama? I've heard of no threats from the terrorist, just threats from the White House that al-Queada might retaliate. Our own government is putting the threats out there for for pete's sake and people are getting all worked up and scared over it. Pay attention! Obama is working against you not for you!

    This is from your own government...."Al Qaeda had U.S. trains in its sights, U.S. officials say.

    Evidence collected in the Osama bin Laden killing in Pakistan indicates that the terrorist network considered attacking America's rail system.".....

    If they know about this, why release it to scare the public? Quietly handle it!! If they already know to watch for it, then quietly watch for it! Stop scaring the sensitive Americans! What is the Obama administration really up to???

    I don't know any americans living in fear "Because Of The Recent Threats" instead there concerned of gas prices and if they will be able to get or keep their job and pay for food to feed there families.
    So you think Al Qaeda is confirming Osamas death to keep him hidden?

    "a curse chasing the Americans and their agents, following them outside and inside their countries"

    "Soon, God willing, their happiness will turn to sadness. Their blood will be mingled with their tears."

    These may not be direct threats but they certainly don't sound like they're asking you to come and give them hugs and kisses.


    I've seen it.

    I repeat my question again, when was Osama killed?

    Did al-Queada release this or did the White House?

    This is what happens when a leader of a nation becomes so untrustworthy, people begin to question everything.

    I'm just wondering if you think all of the uproar in Iraq is just a facade to make the rest of the world think he's really dead. Or do you think they're getting the same news we are and just believing it?

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