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    How does Kindle Work

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    An ebook reader from Amazon
    It's great for reading on trains etc. (If you buy one, buy a cover too: it protects it and gives you a light through tunnels.)

    You can read it in full sunlight, as advertised, with no glare.

    They need no batteries and a charge will last 2 to 3 weeks if you keep the wireless turned off unless you are actually shopping for books.

    The US market is well catered for & a million new UK titles are promised this year... and already starting to appear.

    Most books are cheaper to buy than hard copies and many old favourites are either free or about ?1 (roughly $1.50)

    You register a card for payment and it's charged automatically if you make a purchase. Samples of books are free & usually generous... the first three chapters.

    I use one because I need large print to read in comfort and you can adjust that to suit you. Turning the pages seems frequent at first but you get used to it. Half my first book and I stopped noticing.

    They have a huge capacity. The case is a better buy than the extra space.

    You can email documents to them... email from them...

    I guess I'm a convert :-)

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