Ausie A.V ?

    I am a Pom, and it looks like we voted no in the A.V. referendum held yesterday. Did you have a referendum before adopting this system, and are you happy with it.

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    Sorry if I was a bit vague. I!m talking about the altrnative voting system. I understand that you adopted this some time ago.

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    In our elections you can either vote just for the party you prefer in which case your vote goes to the party first then to the preferences as that party allocates them. Your other choice is to nominate all candidates in your own order of preference. Here it is called preferencial voting I believe you have first past the post IE the party with the most votes wins. We never had a referendum and I have been voting for 50 years. I did a spell in the army and we did not vote at that time. There is a lot to be said for first past the post. Currently we have a Labour goverment that only got a handful of first choice votes but were elected on votes for the Green Party and a couple of Independants. So whilst the other main party got heaps more votes when they tallied up the preference votes the party that was voted for a minority of "first choice" voters were elected because the Greens and Independants (who did not get enough votes to govern on their own) gave preferences to Labour. Is that as clear as mud?

    Thanks again for your answer. What we had our referendum on was exactly what you discribe above under a different title. The outcome of your last election is exactly what put me off of the proposal, and as imperfect as it is I am glad we are sticking with first past the post.
    Sorry what is AV? I am a Aussie and I will know the answer,I am a clever little Aussie, But not clever enough to know what AV is so the chances are we do not have it.

    Sorry if I was a bit vague. I am talking about the alternative voting system, which I understand you adopted down under some time ago. Thanks for taking the time to answer.

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