Here we go WAR #3 ?

    Here we go war #3 started, should we leave Lybia alone ? because its their own country and problem, they are simply having a civil war, imagine if we will have a civil war and some other countries would come and started bombarding us, we would not tolorate that at all. Just an opinion!!!

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    During our civil war Britain AND France had their noses in it. If they had bombers they would have used them. Totally agree with the premise. Involvement in Libya is a lose lose endeavor for the United States. Its only going to get worse.


    I dont know about France but Well its true that Brits interfered with our civil war back in time, but that was a long time ago and worl is not same anymore, our presense there in Lybia is just going to make it worser veiw about Americans around the world then it is now

    I agree, no win situation for U.S., but would be nice if we could just eliminate gadhafi, then call it a day.


    Then will be another situation IRAQ 2

    Headless Man

    If we eliminate Qadhafi, what then?

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