I wonder why the grammer has improved overnight. Did you all see my message?

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    G R A N N OH! stuff it do your own bloody home work twerp. xx

    Just making SURE your karma went up this time, without clicking in the same place and pushing it back down :-)
    I thought eggplant meant granma and I thught 'What has their poor old Granma done now?"Thank you Colleen for give me the clue to correct grammar. Oh and before you start, I do know how to spell grannyma.

    Yeah? How do you spell grannyma then? LOL

    Hi Peoplelover.

    I voted you up because this was the first place I found you. I couldn't reply to your comment about not criticising if you can't take criticism because it was a comment, not a question.

    I agree with you 100%. Will you do me a favour and look at the answer I've added to my own question about whether or not to vote down?
    No, I didn't see it. However, bad grammar I can take for the most part.. I too have bad grammar, it is not an indication of ones education or how smart they are but rather the colloquial region language of where they hail from. What annoys me the most is the spelling of the most simplest of words, sometimes I know that many people English is their second language, I can accept this, I have a friend that is Chinese, English is her second language, she slaughters it! Spelling is atrocious as well but she is one very smart cookie!! Its people that are just too lazy to correct it, this puts a burden on the reader as we must translate what they are trying to say.. sometimes we are wrong because the word (s) are not even recognizable..


    Vinny, you don't have the bad grammar Eggplant is talking about. LOL. You'll see the post and understand. ;)

    I admit I find bad grammar infuriating when it goes with spelling mistakes like three letters in one word, which simply means the person hasn't had the courtesy to check before they post.

    I "met" a girl from Poland on here yesterday. She has taught herself English. It's possible to understand her if you think. I admire her enormously and I said so, and that she was welcome.
    you can tell a lot about a person by how they use language. maybe it's our clue here when we don't see a face. btw, i do know about capitalizing. i don't do it because it slows me down so much that it makes me crazy. also, one of my computers refuses to make tall letters.

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