Why do people on this site write ambiguous questions?

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    I get caught up in that all the time, I find my self answering questions that haven't even been asked or answering questions that have too many questions in the question.. I don't care, I answer it anyway. Some posters will ask the same question 39 different ways.. I answer me all with 39 different answers all meaning the same thing.. Who cares.

    of course I made that up.. I'll ask you about it later.. But I digress.. see the kind of questions those people ask which should give you some scene of the intelligence level and then you hit them with a word like ambiguous? (This is in no way directed at our steadfast community members who do their damnedest to answer open ended questions that can be answered a multitude of ways without the needed info that's 99% of the time missing.)

    You're just trying to mess with their minds, aren't you? ;)

    hehehehe, evil little purple veggie ;D
    Thumbs up to both of you . As soon as I saw "ambiguous" I thought 9 out of 10 would not know what you meant. And that my friends is why. xx (kisses are for Colleen, don`t know you well enough eggplant)

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