in what city in texas is the admiral nemitz museum

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    Fredericksberg, I left you some websites that you can look up to get more details if you'd like, hope this helps?

    The National Museum of the Pacific War
    ADMIRAL NIMITZ MUSEUM The Admiral Nimitz Museum is located in the historic Nimitz Hotel on Main Street in downtown Fredericksburg, TX. Admiral Nimitz lived in the hotel ... - Cached
    Admiral Nimitz Museum: Special Events Hosting
    Our facilities provide the perfect location for anything from an elegant ... Admiral Nimitz Museum Rental Facilities • 340 E. Main Street • Fredericksburg, TX ... - Cached
    National Museum of the Pacific War - Wikipedia, the free ...

    * Nimitz Hotel|
    * The museum|
    * See also|
    * References

    Charles Henry Nimitz, German merchant marine and grandfather of Admiral Chester Nimitz, was born in Bremen Germany. He emigrated to the United States by way of South Carolina in 1844.... - Cached
    Fredericksburg, Texas. I do not live very far from here and just visited this museum 3 months ago. Fredericksburg is one of the most famous tourist towns here in the Texas hillcountry.Can you say,Beer!!!!

    When I lived in Texas Shiner was the popular local beer. The state has some great B.B.Q. that's for sure.
    country bumpkin

    Funny you should mention B.B.Q. I plan to drive one and a half hours this weekend to Brady for some mouthwatering B.B.Q.

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