Japan nuclear reactors

    Why they did not use liquid nitergen to cool the reactors in japan

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    Problems with both. Lots of problems. First off, over cooling can cause problems of its own. You change the nuclear reaction with the temperature. Water aims to bring it down to a certain temperature, not freeze the nuclear reaction, because that could cause untold issues. Second, transporting both of these is expensive and extremely difficult. We're talking about using very large amounts of these, and both liquid nitrogen and dry ice don't like to be in those states. They're both gasses have been forced into a different state by both high pressure and extremely low temperatures. Transporting small amounts of the stuff is highly costly. Transporting enough to cool an entire nuclear reactor is unheard of. Third, when you use these two, they create new chemical reactions. We know that H20 has no tremendous reaction with a nuclear reaction beyond cooling it down. It's a lot less certain what condensed CO2 and Nitrogen gas could do. The main problem with both is that they can be highly flammable, and I don't see that being a benefit to anyone.

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    Breaking down water into hydrogen and oxygen to produce a combustable fuel has been done for many years. Folk who like to experiment with HOO for automotive fuel have been an interest of mine and they seem to be on track for using water for fuel like they do. Of course I don't like radioactivity which makes their water fuel so interesting and cost effective. I was thinking of heating my house in the winter with that process to cut my fuel cost and run it off solar panels for the electricity.

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