Do you listen to classical music?

    If so, what is your favorite piece and composer?

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    I love classical music and it's on all day in my home. However as soon as I get into my car the heavy metal gets blasted till the doors vibrate.


    For me, it's classic rock!
    Yes, everyday, I am in a piano shop.. here in the California Bay area its very much into the arts, everyone that comes in seems to be classically trained. I am a jazz player, a carnation in a bed of roses is a weed.. I am that carnation. I don't play classical except for when demonstrating a piano but I love listening to someone that plays it as the masters intended it to be played rather than listing to someone play the notes with no heart, just notes.. Once in awhile a real master of the piano stops by, its an experience. I like playing freeform jazz though..
    Classical music is where my heart is. I love performing and teaching.
    Yes. My favorite is definitely Mozart, but i have some Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi,Dvorak, Beethoven, Strass, Don't know where I got EW Elgar. Mussogorsky,and Bach.

    But, more Tchaikovsky and Beethoven than any composer.

    Yet, I listen to rock and Gospel more often than not.

    Your sister,
    I'm not old enough for classical yet :)

    Kidding! lol
    LOL My kids ask me to tune it the classical station when we are on a trip with out hubby.. Iguess I imprinted that on them when they were lillte.. Mom + Car = Classical.
    Ms Sinclair

    Good for you Jenn.
    Yes I do and Beethoven is my favorite Although I also like Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Mendelssohn, Grieg, Rimsky-Korsakov, and Handel to name a few. As for favorite compositions that's much harder because the composers listed above wrote many pieces that I love, especially Beethoven. SOME of my favorites of his are the 4th and 5th piano concerts, his "Moonlight",Appassionata, Pathetique, Les Adieux, Waldstein, op.111 piano sonatas, ALL of his symphonies (but especially the 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th), Fur Elise, Egmont overture, The Creatures Of Prometheus (Ballet), Mass in D Major (Missa Solemnis), op.59, 74, 132, Grosse Fuge string quartets, the Kreutzer sonata for piano and violin, and Adelaide (song), to name only a few.

    Yes, so many great works and composers! Op. 111 is one of my all time favorites on piano! I'm working on Op. 109 now.
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    Full prize!

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