How get rid of a wild turkey that has laid egg in my flowers bed?

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    You can't share your flower bed with a wild turkey who's home mankind has taken over and turned into buildings, pavement and concrete? Call animal control in your town since you don't like to share. I'd be thrilled to have nature showing me such a cool thing. Sorry I sound snippy but I love animals and know what we've done to their natural habitats. If you remove the eggs and meanly toss them, the turkey will leave.

    My thiughts exactly. Was your mum ever in Australia say 49 years ago? We seem to be on the same wave length so I might be your long lost Daddy. It is eery, I see a question and immediately think of my answer and when I click on bugger me you have posted the same. Great Minds Think Alike? or if you prefer Dumb Bells Never Differ. I don`t think I would mind having you for a daughter. xx
    Your garden is blessed by a wild turkey making a nest in your flower bed ....and you want it to go away?! How crass!....just kidding. Many birds lay eggs without an intent to raise a brood there.
    Two ways.. Lunch and Dinner.
    Sometime in November. A fork will do the trick.

    Your sister,

    Oddly enough turkey season is not at Thanksgiving..

    I don't know. i'm no hunter. i grow plants. Lol. But, it is common knowledge that the big bird passes the plate in November, plenty late.

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