Some may mistakenly identify the wrong person. Can you tell us your views?

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    I live in a large 1 family hpuse with a very large yard , that is all fenced in. On 1 side there is a family that has a 17 year old daughter with a big crush on me . Last summer she musta rang my doorbell at least 20 times asking if she could go in my yard to retrieve a ball that ended up in there. Each time i would say to just go get it , no need to ring the bell. Her reply was , ' but i like talking to you' . I even told her mom about what she does and mom said that she has a crush on me. And for the last several months she still rights my bell to ask for the stupidest things. I been trying to act mad at her but she still continues. I wish she would just get a bf and leave me alone.
    I am a straight normal guy, but dont find going to jail worth it

    Yes i love thy neighbour if thats what you want to know.

    One is a pain in my ass, constantly borrowing everything from tweezers to my ridding mower. The other is a God send , he loves cooking and constantly brings over the best food I've ever eaten anywhere. He lives with his nine year old son who a paraplegic, the wife bolted soon after the son accident. I have a fear of heights and he cleans my gutters when he does his without asking.


    Anyone who does not live in my house... the world is a might big place to be so tiny.


    Yes, all mankind is my neighbour. Do you think anyone living today or anyone who ever lived would understand this if Jesus did not say it? Jesus, just another man??

    What Jesus said and did is not the things an ordinary man would say or do. This is what makes Him so unique. No one in history ever preached unconditional love and displayed unconditional love as did this One man, Jesus. Folks may want to take a closer look at this man if you never have.

    a cat so darn cute i will chase it to the ends of the earth that was in me old house

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