do roman nurses refer to IVs as4s ?

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    Excellent link to better understand the evolution and demise of the Latin language.
    Ancient Romans using Latin certainly did, but following the fall of the Western Roman Empire centered in Rome, Latin was disfavored because the vandals/Visigoths/Saxons did not understand the language. However, Latin continued to a great extent in the Eastern Roman Empire centered in Constanople, a city established by Constantine the Great. The demise of Latin was assurred with the fall of the Byzantine empire in 1453, when the Ottoman Turks [Islam] stormed the ancient walls.

    In the modern era, Latin is favored by academia as well as some Christian denominations who prefer to study ancient Christian works that were written in Latin, Greek, Hebrew etc. Such ancient languages are considered pure when compared to the evolution of English, French, German and etc.

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