Where can I find government employees salaries and bonuses

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    Try contacting your state government directly. A great place to find contact information for your state is by going to the site: Here you can find contact information for the offices of your governor and legislature.
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    Go to and click on "Employee Directory" under the heading "Find Public Records by Type of Record." You'll find a list of all 50 states, and clicking on the name of the state you're interested in will lead you to a page that allows you to search for employees by county or statewide. Not all state pages include salary information.
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    The Asbury Park Press has a wonderful search engine available that allows you to search for government employees by name or by job title. Go to and either enter a specific employee's name or, if you are just interested in learning the salary of a particular job, select the agency and job title from the drop-down menu. You can also limit your search by location.
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    The United States Office of Personnel Management's website is a little tricky to navigate, but if you go to the Salaries and Wages page at, you can find information on the basic rates of pay of some government employees. The data is viewable either in an online table or a downloadable document.
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    To search for a specific state, enter the name of the state and the following terms, in quotes, into the search engine of your choice: "government employee salary." There are many private, independent sites (including newspapers) that gather information on government employees' earnings.

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