what is the difference between race and ethnicity

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    The difference is, Race refers to only  your genetic history and identifiable physical characteristics that are separate and distinct from other races. For example,  in Chinas Mongalion region, the people have disinctive difference in their colouring and facial characteristics and look different than peopple in other parts of China. It is important to note, how ever, that humans, no matter what race are 99% genetically similar. The biggest difference that can exist between  to humans brings geneticaaal is their gender.

    Ethnicity, refers to a group race and culture factor. Another distinction can be drawn  between terms. Race is nature,and Ethnicity in nurturs that is birth characteristics versus cultural heritage.



    Thanks, appreciate your answer. I like to understand things from someone else's point of view.

    Not much. It's just easier to call some one a racist than an ethnicitister.


    Mmouse, your welcome.

         Race is based more on physical characteristics such as skin color, facial type, cranial size and profile, and hair color and texture.  Ethnicity is based on social traits such as nationality, tribe, religion, language, culture, and traditions,

    What race are Mexican Americans? They don't fit in any catagory the Feds use except Other, And that is kind of insulting,

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