Do You Think Glasses Are Nerdy? Yes or No?

    I'm getting glasses soon. Do you think they're nerdy? And if anyone has ideas for colors or styles please put them in your ansewer! <3 8)

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    Nooooooo wayyy jose. (: They make people look intelligent. :D

    Thanks your my first answerer... THANK YOU!!! <333
    ANd if you know any cute styles or colors u can answer again! 8) <--------- guy with glasses lol!

    Hahaha! Welll, I'm not sure how old you are... but I'm a teenager and I know at my school rectangular frames are popular and so are big round circle ones. But that's just over here. (:
    Oh and I think that black is always the best color. It matches everything and it brings out people's eyes. :D

    Thanks! That really helps! :)

    No problamo. :D Glad I could help!
    ole hipster

    You are a very wise teenager!...bless your heart!

    Well done hannybananny. you are a teenager of whom your parents, I am sure are proud. The world is full of wonderful teenagers and you can count your self up with the best. Real shame that a few loudmouths give adults the wrong message. Grow to be a wonderful adult with best wishes from a 79 yr old Aussie great grandfather.

    Thank you sooo much! Hahaha yeah there are some pretty lame teenagers out there. ;) Hahaha All I wanna do is help people. (I'm gonna be a doctor). :D

    me ole hipster?

    ....purchase the glasses that you like

    No, not at all. Just make sure that you find a pair that really suit your face. This is a picture of me with my lovely glasses. See, I don't look nerdy, do I?



    Turn that frown upside down.

    Do you think that I look nerdy? :(((

    Not at all.

    Oh thank you ROMOS! You've simply made my day!!!! :)))))

    It depends on who's wearing them.<!--StartFragment-->Image result for urkel<!--EndFragment-->

    Can be,however you should wear anything you like and feel comfortable with them,,you are the one who has to wear them not somebody else..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I think they make some women look quite sexy, especially the rectangular ones that fit the face just right, the rounded ones kinda look a little John Lennon ish, .

    Thanks for answering my question im sure to use the advice in the future! <3

    Never thought about it. I've worn glasses some odd 40 years. First in the a.m. they go on and the last action of the night is to take them off. This year I chose a totally rimless pair that hardly show, just my face.....

    Lmao :) I WEAR GLASSES 24/7 . Do i care if i look nerdy ? nope . it's who i am ever since i was a 10 years old :D and right now i'm 22

    Thanks for answering my question! :)


    D.H. has a good point, the most important thing is being able to see, not what other people think you look dorky, just find glasses that you like and I'm sure things will be fine.

    Maybe take someone with you who you trust to give a good opinion on how they look, when I went to get my glasses, they gave me eye drops to keep my pupils open, I couldn't focus to even see how my glasses looked.

    Luckily they looked fine after the eye drops wore off, but I wound up loosing them about a month later, they cost over $200.00 what a waste. The next pair I bought got ran over at work but I only spent about 100 dollars on them.

    I think the lesson here is to always know where your glasses are it they're not on your face.

    Yes you both have a point... Thank you all for helping me keep comenting
    I wear glasses most of the time...always when I am out,sometimes take them off at home. I like the rectangular ones. The staff at the place where I get mine are very helpful in concidering what age you are, what colour you like, the shape of your face and also what your preference is. If you tell them to be honest about what it looks like on you, they can be a big help!! Good luck! It can be fun! Especially exciting when you put them on for the first time and see how sharply things come in to focus and you start noticing things you never noticed before!! :)
    Just so evryone knows the best answer will get marked rthe best answer and i think you will get some karma!
    good luck! :)?

    lol, what is this a contest :)

    No I'm asking this cuz I'm getting glasses but it can be a question answer thing and the best answer contest?? 8)

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