will i be rich

    im work at the hospital

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    When did this sites name change to Ask the Magic 8 ball?

    *shaking magic 8 ball*

    the answer is:

    Maybe.... unless you get fired for being on the internet while working.

    Now get back to work! :D

    Try becoming the owner of the hospital where you work...that would be a good start!!!
    Colleen's right! You may want to try the psychic network or website? My guess would be no, just because the odds are against it, unless your parents are rich. But the more education you get, the better money you can earn during a lifetime.

    So I would start by getting a college degree, there isn't a get rich quick formula that I have found, that actually works. Mostly it takes a lot of hard work and time. Sorry, if you really apply yourself anything is possible.
    Que sera whatever will be will be, the future's not ours to see, Que sera, sera (An old song, but to the point with an answer to you question!)
    I hope I don't end up at your hospital
    No one can answer this, there R just to many variables. Your age, investments, etc. U might invent something, maybe U will inherit some money, I really don't know your situation. I wish I could help U more.

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