are birth control pills tax deductable if they don't work?

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    Not at all but if you get pregnant, your child will give you a deduction on your yearly taxes.

    How long have you been pregnant daren? Should we start giving you a list of names to choose from or have you already chosen 2?
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    No, but the kids are.
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    Well the question being are birth control pills tax deductible if they do not work leads me to believe thereby resulting in pregnancy thereby resulting in a child being born and then yes I would have to say yes it would therefore thereby become a tax deduction?
    I do know that if the birth control pills don`t work in Australia you can take them back to the place of purchase for full refund. This is provided they are in the original package and you have a doctors cetificate to the affect you are pregnant. For the name I prefer Ballhunglow, got a much better ring to it. In the case of a girl Iscrewyu.

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