I believe in freedom of speech but cruelty, no. Vote down or let it go: what do other members do?

    I felt if I disagreed with an answer I should post my view, not vote down. I still believe that, but Colleen made the point that those of us with good karma have a duty to vote down if it is justified. I have done it twice since, when I answered a question but thought another answer was not just an opposite view but cruel. Point made: duty to the community done... The first time I lost 32 points, (plus the 10 I expected) used “Contact” and the 32 were replaced. The “culprit” has remained friendly so I assume the system failed. Last night I answered a question, posted it and found a very cruel remark added while I typed. I voted it down. That person hit thumbs-down so often I gave up trying to count the cost, and for all I know the gesture could be repeated against any answer I post.

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    "That person hit thumbs-down so often I gave up trying to count the cost"

    Report them for abuse of the karma system. You will get your points back.

    Shouldn't a person only be allowed to TU or TD once per comment?

    The problem is, some people get so offended by getting a thumbs down, they retaliate by finding all questions you've responded to and thumbs down all your comments. I've had it happen to me. I've had my karma knocked down 800 points because someone did just that. I got my points back but it did not help my answers that still show -1 even though they were answers I researched and were correct answers. I've asked for a way of correcting negative votes. I'm not sure where they are on that.

    Wow, that was really vindictive. Maybe limit one TD per day for each user?

    I've mentioned a limit of only 2 TD's per 24 hours on any member. I'm not sure if that's feasible for this type of application.

    I gave a bonus thumbs up Colleen. If people on this site cannot take criticism they should sit on the naughty mat. My dear old Mum told me "if you can`t stand criticism don`t criticise others"

    Thank you PL. I appreciate the thought :) Like I said, the admins took care of it and gave me back my points and the "karma attacker" was warned. They do try to keep it fair here.
    Since most of the answers here are comments, including one "if you can't take the criticism, don't criticise others" I will explain more.

    First, all I had said in response to a question about how someone could evict an ex-girlfriend from his house was "Where are you in the world? If it's the US, please say which state. Laws vary."

    Is that a criticism?

    I shall copy and paste the answer I voted down below, with the comments.

    Karma: 5 why dont you pick her up and put her in the shed. tie her up.
    AND TORCH IT haha
    16 hours ago. Rating: -2

    Neither helpful nor funny. Edit this comment
    commented 16 hours ago

    Not acceptable arryoudini. We do not promote violence here. I know you're new so I'll give you that. Be respectful. It's what all the members here ask. Thanks :)
    Report abuse commented 16 hours ago

    Unfortunately, due to so many comments, not answers, I can't respond individually.

    Cplleen, I did report this, as soon as I noticed it. Karma is not the first thing I check when I open the site. When I answered a question it looked roughly right. It was when I clicked on notifications I realised it was "roughly right" because many of my other answers had been voted up. That report was sent almost 24 hours ago and acknowledged as Feedback Received: nothing has been done.

    I have been able to mark you up to attract your attention to this comment. I will find another way of contacting Peoplelover: he didn't have all the facts so I understand where he is coming from.

    I've heard back from the admin who handles the karma issues. They've been extremely busy with their job so are a little behind. I've asked them to make your issue first priority. I'll let PL know to check this thread when he's on. I know what it's like suliz, I'm under attack here just about every other day. Some people just don't like those who stand up or speak out or try to keep this a respectable place to be. Hang in there. I personally like having you here. You're smart and you give good answers. You handle a lot of questions I'd have to research the answers for. Thanks for being the type of member this community needs ;)

    Thank you for that, Colleen. I came close to giving up, until I saw the appalling response to the man asking about benefit. I told them all what I thought of them and voted the lot down. No doubt they will react given time but it had to be done. I reported T something... 3 letters but I'll lose this if I check... for racial abuse. That was the worst of an appalling set of answers.

    I don't know if an edited comment will reach you but I'll try. TSC has responded so onbscenely I don't actually understand all of it... not that I tried too hard. I have reported him for that too.

    I shall leave the site now since you say Admin are busy and check back later. Thanks again for understanding.

    I voted TSC doown for the answer he gave to your Question. He quickly retaliated by voting me down
    on a Ouestion I had asked. He just doesnd seem to get
    it. No matter who we are, we all have feelings.

    Ann, the same thing happened to me with TSC. His many racial threads make this site look like racists forum. He says it's not racial, but obvious. He is a jerk.

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