anybody know a good divorce lawyer

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    the lawyer is for houston tx

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    If you are the woman and want your ex to walk out of court with absolutely nothing left, yes, I can give you a name and phone number.

    That doesn't mean she is "good"; it means she is vicious and doesn't stop until the cow's udders are lying on the barn floor.  

    my ex wife sure does but she is not here now, so here is the second best answer
    A great trick is to have free consultations with all the best lawyers in your area and then choose the best one. Your soon to be ex will not be able to use any of the best lawyers in your area, because they have already heard your side of the story, it would be considered a "conflict of interest."

    They will get stuck with a lessor quality of lawyer, which will benefit you greatly, it's kind of underhanded though, just depends on your conscience if you would try this or not. Good luck.
    If you're reasonably intelligent, and don't have kids, you can do your own legal paperwork and save thousands. Go to your county website and find out if they have the documents you can fill out on line.

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