before they invented golf balls how did they measure hail?

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    I have the answer!!!!! It was a woman named Mary!!
    Yes, I know I keep saying this today, but Colleen's right. You have some funny questions, but it may get you into trouble.

    Maybe make a question for funny questions? Anyhow, thanks for the laughs.
    The gagged them by stones, the average size of a boulder, throwing stone, sharpening stone, and sling shot stone, I met one of those Geico Cavemen and asked him this very question.
    That is too funny never thought about it reakon God created golf balls first?
    They measured them against cricket balls. Luckily they don`t do that very often today. I have see them the size of cricket balls. The ones they bowl not the ones they rub BEFORE bowling.
    Good one! Thumbs up for you!
    Don't we all man have balls? Go figure! ;-p

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