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    Why do people who have never believed in Jesus or God before suddenly start believing, when they find out they have a fatal illness and only have a short time left on this earth?

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    they call it 11th hour christianity, better late than never assuming they are praying to the one true god. mat.20:12christ said 'these men have worked only one hour, and you made them equal to us who have bourne the burden and the heat of the day! unfoutunitly for most it takes some catastophic event in in our lives to realize just how precious life is. our life is just a breath!"theres no atheist in the foxholes" hope that helps

    I personally think that man doesn't naturally seek God, it's the opposite man naturally runs from God...

    When your life has hit the rock bottom, sometimes that will cause man to seek God, because they know the situation is completely out of their control, and they might as well try God ? ? ?

    Sometimes people have felt the calling of God in their lives, but ignore it and say to themselves, when I do this and that, then I will come to seek God. It's like they are waiting for the perfect time to come to God.

    The problem with that is the perfect time is now not tomorrow, because we may not even have a tomorrow here on this earth. I suppose if you are lucky enough to know that you are going to die ahead of time, that's a good time to make your peace with God. I guess it's just human nature to procrastinate, especially when it comes to spiritual things. ? .
    Would it not be better to give |God a place in you life now and enjoy the time left shouldd it be 50 years or 50 days.
    Its easy to be tough when all is going well. When the end is in sight then the one who did not believe thinks more of eternal things

    Most people remain asleep their entire life, or most of it.. there are few moments in life, like when you are a child and have a great imagination and life seems limitless, and infinite.. it's only in school that they destroy our imagination and put boundaries on the universe.. when you approach death, you also remember what it was like to be a child, and not know what is coming next.. our world is designed to destroy your imagination and soul. :]


    Good answer: Ps 90:12 KJV

    So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

    I've been saved 12 years.And I doing just fine.

    Most likely because they're afraid of death. Knowing that life may continue on if you start believing is like a security blanket and I'd definitely rather someone go out feeling less scared and more comforted.

    When the end is near, often times people will see angels that are coming to help them in their transition. Obviously, this erases a lot of lifelong doubt of no God and they recall everything told to them about Jesus and the resurrection.

    In the ancient mysteries it is said "To Understand is to believe; not to believe is not Understand," this means, how can one say one believes a thing but do not understand it, this is the mark of a hypocrite; and again, how can one say they of a thing they don't believe it and do not understand it, again the mark of a hypocrite.  Belief comes only and Truely with the Light of Understanding.   

    At one point, the Christ answered His Apostles when they ask. "how shall we know them?,"  refering to the false ones, and he answered, "you shall know them they are Hypocrites!"  

    . . . after all this is but the man phase of eternity which is but a dream. For all "things have endings;" and all things that end are but a dream. Reality is what is everlasting, Life itself is everlasting, death (or the awakening) resides in Lifes temporary "activity of living," or moving through that man phase of the "Existence (the Deam)."

    The personality (the pretender) fearing death, deparately searching for the "special doorway" upward just in case there is such a divine place. And some find it even at the end of this existence or cycle, by true revelation and repentence.
    Elizabeth Kubler-Ross was a specialist on death and dying and was the premier lead in bringing the plight of those who were passing into the open eyes of doctors and nurses who often forgot about them. They used to just shut them out.

    When Ms. Kubler-Ross was on HER death bed, she referred to God as, "a great procrastinator".

    Your sister,


    who procastinates? god or the dying person?

    Itsmee, Honestly, I never understood her reasoning on that. However, I believe she said so because she watched so many people suffer for so long and the time it actually takes for a person to fully give up the ghost can be lengthy; even years on end. Yet, I could very well be wrong.
    I think most of these answers are very good. There are a couple that I think is going the wrong direction. I see what Adreamer means by God being a procrastinator. 2 Peter 3:9 KJV "The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance." Though we might say God procrastinates in his punishment most of us procrastinate in our desire to give our lives to God.

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