why is bin laden allowed to have 5 wifes?

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    The laws are much different in the Middle East than here in the States, why else do you think there are so many radicals willing to make themselves human bombs. They are trying to escape all their wives, I mean one wife can drive a man crazy, imagine what 5 could do to a guy?

    Just kidding on that last part, hope you got a laugh out of the answer.

    I laughed :D

    I wished,I could have 5, better yet 1 for each day of the month. I know it probably kill me but, I'd die happy and a big smile on my face.

    Well, you could move to Utah, that would be closer than moving to the Middle East? I heard they have great skiing there. Of course you will have to convince your current wife to convert to Mormonism. Sounds like a lot of work to me, but it may be worth it, personally I find the middle eastern women very beautiful and soft spoken.
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    I answer plenty of questions here.
    Yes, good idea, I hope so too. She's great and makes me laugh a few times a day, believe me,"It's not easy to make me laugh."

    Good to see you are open minded, hope things will work out between you two kids...

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