any negative side effects from Glusamine and Chrondoitin?

    I have pain in my feet and lower legs

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    Good answer FF, the only problem I'm aware of is that the quality of some of the all natural products and vitamins are poor and unregulated. If and when you buy any vitamins or similar products, make sure to research the best brands, that are more bio-available. Meaning that the body can easily absorb.

    Cosomine I know is one of the better brands, also consider taking fish oil, if you're not allergic, it works very well with glucosimine, msm, etc...
    Any side effects are minor. Some Glucosamine is made from shellfish, so there might be an allergic reaction if allergic to shells. Glucosamine works best in lubricating and restoring cartilage in joints. Chondroitin is over rated imo, so don't waste your money. Pain in your feet and lower legs sounds more like poor circulation, so neither Gluc or Chrondrotin will help. White Willow Bark acts as a blood cell lubricant, which might help with the circulation. But I would get it checked out by a doc first.
    hope not, I use chrondroitin and have had none go to

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