how often should I bath my staffordshire bull terrier

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    I know that the answer you have given 6dogs4us is the one that has been used for decades. However I have had a "house dog" for years and I have bathed them each and every week. The secret is to use a top quality low ph level shampoo and rinse really well. My current dog I use Baby shampoo which does not irritate her eyes. Her coat feels like a soft fur, I had a rottweiler for over ten years and she was the same soft shiny coat.
    Dogs in general should not be bathed more than a few times a year at most, unless the dog has gotten into something totally nasty. The shampoo will reduce the amount of oil in the hair and skin causing problems with dandruff and dry skin and the like.

    There are dry shampoos available and they might be better for your dog in the long run if you are determined to clean him often.

    Also, let your dog go in the water at lakes, rivers and dog pools without the benefit of soap or shampoo.

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