if you ate pasta and antipasta, would you still be hungry ?

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    Daren,Daren,Daren. Italian lesson 101. It's called and spelled antipastO. Meaning anti-meal, not anti-pasta (as in noodles).

    Antipasto was originally intended as a meal substitute by including a cornucopia of 'apetizers' similar to Spanish 'Tapas'.
    However, Italians being Italians, enjoy food so much that they simply added the antipasto to the "pasto" (meal).

    I think it would cause a cataclysmic event in your stomach, rendering your food into a possible undigestable mass, that could possible transport your food (and or stomach) to an alternate reality? Or maybe, just maybe, nothing will happen, except digestion.

    Maybe a more realistic situation would be that they would repel each other like magnets? The antipasta would group together in one area of the stomach, while the pasta would group in the opposite corner of your stomach?

    Why do they call it antipasta if there's pasta in it?

    The name antipasta came about when some ants were accidently cooked in pasta, The people eating it said "hey I like this antypasta" and over the following million years anty was spelt anti for some reason that escapes me.
    Nah that only works with Chinese food.
    I should hope not as these dishes are very filling provided you eat an adeaquate amount

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