why does the news have to announce what kind of helicopter was use to get osama ben laden?

    I dont think it should be announced how or what was done to get ben laden. It might just give some body too much information. I for one is satisfied to know our great soldiers did a great job and our President completed his promise! ben laden is dead and that is all we need to know!! PRESIDENT OBAMA THANK YOU! YOU ARE AN AWESOME PRESIDENT!!! I'VE NEVER VOTED BEFORE, BUT I'M CERTAINLY VOTING GOR YOU NEXT ELECTION.

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    I think this was all one big fat lie yo boost Obama's approval rating. I also think they need to release some accurate and non conflicting information to PROVE (yet again), that the man we call president is not a sham and a liar. I do not take anyone at their word, not even the president.
    It takes a lot of info to fill 24 hours of news!

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