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    Sarah Palin, any comments?

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    She sure is hot, pretty etc. But damn she's dummer than a sack of hammers.


    Dummer? ... lol

    papa peg

    1967 why don't you run for president

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    She can see Russia from her backyard. No, I personally will never let her live that down.

    In it for the money!!!

    Kind of kooky, a little to outspoken, but I think she resembles a hot librarian. I like her outdoorsyness, though.

    Vindictive dingbat quiter that thinks she invented boobs and cutsey to get something she wanted.

    I'm surprised she can find the door.

    I second that.I think she would make a great President.I don't think she could do any worse.

    She is HOT

    Just her screachy annoying voice give me the jitters to say the least. Can you imagine the SNL jokes? She is one big embarrassment to the people of the United States.

    Anyone who even dwells for a second on thinking she is living responsible serious person is out of their mind. She's about as funny as the other comedians who pretended to be a serious candidate. I am in serious doubt about the Americans who would even consider her for a security guard at a convenience store.

    Dumb, repulsive looking and a national disgrace.

    Govenor , Senator, yes President NO No No Way

    Thanks everyone all good stuff. Have a good weekend,over and out

    I think she would make a great president, but because she is an outspoken woman and dot a democrat the media has just jumper on her to try and destroy her and according to remark so far they have done a great job. She trashed Biden with her debate and is a lot more qualified than Obama.

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