Why are there so many weird questions here lately??

    So very many of the recent (past couple days anyway) questions can be simply answered by googling or asking your search engines..let's hear some questions that give us room for thought...not so much mediocrity (sp?) Thank you all in advance

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    They made the button bigger on the Bing toolbar. Now everyone is seeing it.
    ole hipster

    that's kind of sad, huh?? Used to be a pretty comfortable forum for a lot of us...seems almost like interlopers now and I imagine a lot of people will soon stop "tuning" in to all sorts of "junk" I've been seeing...leave it to the spoiled idiotic youth to ask stupid questions that they could very well answer themselves if they gave it a "thought" Enough said.
    invasion of the pre school generation
    ole hipster

    Yeah, I kind of thought so..thanks for the clarification..perhaps they're trying to scare off the people with actual brains! lol
    I'm not sure, but daren may be right, maybe it's all the lovely bright colors?

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