I need a remote for a Aveis 32 TV

    Help i have a flat screen Aveis TV model LT32BW3 Can't get a universal remote to work Does anyone a remote or the codes for a remote that will work on this tv Thanks

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    Well, I can not find the Aveis company on line. In searching someone had this to say about their TV's. "They are part of the third tier, disposable, junk TVs made with cheap god-only-knows-what Chinese parts."

    Other people are asking for the code too. No one has found it yet and apparently there's no way to contact the manufacturer of this TV to ask them.
    Try this site 1-800-remotes.

    Thank you for the thumb ups

    Have you tried using the daewoo code in the universal remote?

    I have tried using the Daewoo codes and no success. I also tried to search for the code, again no success. VERY frustrating!!

    That Daewoo code defiinitely didn't work.  I bought the TV cheap because a hotel room that I was in had an old tube TV and I wanted to watch a UFC event so, I bought this TV.  Remote has subsequently gone missing.  Any other suggestions?



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