what is so bad about being White,Black or Even Yellow?Or is the Racism Problem just in our Heads?

    Racism has over the years started sounding like People are just born with it.So unfortunate a reality

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    Your correct. Babies are not born racists, it's taught. Sometimes by their own parent(s).

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    It's not bad to be from different nationalities...there are just bad people living in a very small minded place.
    Tintin I agree,racism is taught,I really feel like there so much crap going on in the world right now spending your time on being a racist is totally ridiculous.There are so many bigger fish to fry.
    I believe it a learned trait, but some become that way because the way their treated by others.
    I honestly think the word rasism is over used.. So that when something is truly rasist, it is over looked as just bitching again... If a group of ppl are acting inapropriotly it is not because they are white or black.. It is because they are dumbasses.
    My family is very international and I love them all! I very much dislike rascism! There is no good that comes from it and a lot of hurt happens!! I wish people would see that we are all human and all having feelings and hopes and dreams. just because we look different one from another and come from different upbringings doesn't make us bad!
    change the way you see not the way you look
    I'll tell you what, the Asians hate each other. The fairish ones dislike the darker ones. Others have a caste problem. Chinese don't like anyone dark. I know all this from experience by the way. The world is a strange place sometimes, but that's life.
    Wonder how long it will take before the word becomes politically incorrect just like the N word?
    Nature is full of color. Take flowers for example. Diversity is the spice of life. It's unfortunate that some people are too brainwashed, ignorant, or just plain stupid to see that.
    it is just the why people see them. everyone is the same. god made all of us. all of us is his children.

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