how to get rid of chronic migraine

    Stroke in 2009 since then have chronic migraines which means horrible headache (with triggers that believe it or not make it worse including stress and weather changes to what i had at dinner) they cause TIA's 3-4 times month luckily plavix and other meds keeping me from having nother stroke right now but worried about future and i can never tell when to go to ER for stroke symptoms cause i have them all the time? Also how can i help my family with this cause after 3 yrs of this our lives have been turned upside down and we are all miserable now?

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    I have been under doctors care for years with migrianes... I dont know if you saw the reporter"speaking gibberish" on a live video feed... but that is how mine effect me. I took Tomapax for years until I started smelling things that were not there... I am now on Trileptal. I have gained 40 pounds but the episiodes have all but stopped. I do still have the occasional headache.
    In short the best answer is to discuss it with your doctor.

    Try acupuncture It works for some

    Why aren't you asking a doctor or specialist?


    I totally agree you need to see a specialist for help not here .

    i know i've severe headaches if i go out in Cold weather without hat... due to that triggers it...or if i leave for work without eating and have meal after 8 or 10 hours .. i have migraine and vomiting ... it wont go away... also if i have severe stress ... so there cud be any reason and different for everyone... and i am sorry 2 hear about u :( do u know what triggers it... i mean anything which comes to ur mind which wud b a possible reason :|

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