is god real

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    yeah because god is spirit thats why

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    sure ... just look at a flower, a baby, the moon, the ocean, your lover, your mother, your father. Look in the mirror. who was the artist of these incredible creations? it can only be god (or whoever you choose to call the creator)
    Yeah, I've had an out of body experience. He's real.
    Yes god is real if you can breathe and you can see the sun, It means he is real.There's so many thing i can tell you that proves God is real.
    If Gods NOT real, then who is this living in my soul?
    Tough one. I believe there is a God but perhaps not what some would expect. The pretty pictures we have seen through time are but the artist imagination. Science has long proven a superior inteligence. Mankind world wide since the beginning of time have had different concepts. All have seeked some type of diety. Look at many of them and you will see many similarities. A Superior being (or inteligence). We cannot even make water from nothing, how could we possibly understand our creator.

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