Time Travel?

    What do you think about time travels, is this possible? is this possible that there is another world or another time periods out there?

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    The Anderson Institute say's they do it along with a few other R&D organizations around the world.

    There are stories of time portals located around the world, and suppressed ancient knowledge of them and their locations.

    There is the "M-theory" and "Superstring theory" of folding space that would be a kind of time travel I think.

    There is the ancient Hindu meditative technique, that draws on yoga and quantum physics to show that time is a flexible projection of mind.


    Thank you for the link. I've been interested in Time Travel since I was little. I was mocked for it in middle and high school, but now I find out there are others who believe. I'm happy that this can be based in real science!

    Roger Willcoe

    As far as dimensional travel, I read somewhere that they (who ever they are) think there are 19 dimensions.

    I travel back in time every time I look at the stars because the stars I am looking at are no longer the same as they where when they produced their light, which I am now seeing today. I am looking at younger stars than what now exist. So yes, time travel does exist backwards. I am also traveling forward in time, every second of every day. So there you have it TARDIS fans, time travel is possible and exists at all times.

    Some think the flow of time goes in a circle, others say it goes in a straight line. There is also the idea that you can exist outside of the flow. The timestream definitely splits in infinite directions at any given point, creating multiple universes based on the choices we make, among other phenomena that exists.

    Well we know time is meant to flow in a linear fashion from the present to the future but its been proven it's flexible as the rate of time changes in relation or gravity so if its not a fixed constant after all then travel through time is potentially possible.It is said to be the 4th dimension but its probably just a product of our perception due to our 3 dimensional reality.Time is a constact for us mortal beings as our lifespan is measured in time yet to the universe time has no meaning.Maybe we ourselves have the key to command time.You must have noticed that your 30 min lunchbreak flies by while the same 30 mins working can seem endless.Has our perception changed the rate time passes of does it just seem like it.If we threw off the shackles of hours and mins,days and years could we slow time to a crawl and become immortal ourselves

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