Who has the best passenger airline

    The airline that has service,comfort,reliability,etc; and of course to reach your destination in one piece

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    Asiana Airlines won the Airline of the Year award in 2010.

    Assuming you live in the US, Southwest is the United States most successful low fare, high frequency, point-to-point carrier.

    There are far east airlines that are considered excellent carriers also. Singapore, Qantas, Cathay Pacific (China-Hong Kong) to name a few.

    Southwest Airlines  for the USA   and Quantas   for the  far east would be   the airline s of choice for me

    Qantas best safety record but my last flight six weeks ago, food shocking. Singapore great all round. Emirate I found not as great as suggested food not to my taste. Next flight I am on in few weeks is Korean.

    my partner would agree about Quantas,she arrive home last week in the new A380 from scotland,said she never go Quantas again,food, service,no room to move,the screens on the back of the seats had an electrical fault do no movies for the whole flight.she's flown virtually on all the major airlines over the years and Singapore Airlines come out on t.op

    bulletman, seeif you can find question will QANTAS suffer now they have outsourced their maintainence to Singapor. See my full QANTAS saga.

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