Can anyone imagine a Trillion? How would you describe it?

    I find it hard to imagine a trillion, the number is just to high, does anyone have an example of a trillion that would make it easier to picture in our minds?

    This will help me understand the amount of our National debt.

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    I read that if you were given a dollar a second you would need 31,546 years to have a trillion.
    I have also heard, that if you were given a million dollars a day sense the birth of Christ you still won't have a trillion.

    is that all. Thought it would be more than that lol
    a million billion =a trillion never had that much money,it is said the Rothschild family have over 500 trillion perhaps you should ask them to describe it
    Spend it, give it, buy with it, invest it, enjoy it...start all over again!!!
    Wow, I am serious I just can't completely comprehend such a high number, just how to picture this in your head can give you a headache...
    Randy, good answer, but I still have a difficult time imagining this amount, and that's just one trillion. Imagine the trillions of dollars of our debt, I wonder how large and high the building would have to be, to hold all the one-dollar bills that we owe???.
    Thanks, I'm starting to comprehend, but need more examples, It's almost as if my finite mind is trying to understand infinity or something. Great examples, t.u. to you all.
    A lot of fu**ing money!
    The U.S. government does, the average citizen no. Mr. Rothschild would however.
    evelyn rothschilds owns half the worlds wealth

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