Why can't the people write proper grammar on this site??

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    bulletman is quite correct in saying that English varies throughout the world. UK English and US English, for example, are very different.

    We are very willing to make allowances and help whenever possible.
    However, if you wish to criticise our literacy you would do well to ensure your own grammar is faultless.

    Why can't the people write proper grammar on this site??

    Might I suggest this could have been better expressed as follows?

    Why can't the people on this site ensure that their grammar is correct?

    good on ya, sulizy! you have my thumb up.

    Thank you :-)

    sulizy I would be careful about bulletman giving you a "thumb up" without clarifying where he had his thumb "up"
    I give you a thumbs up also for your well worded comment on the ignorant savages that inherit this jungle.
    Bulletman wash your thumb before you suck it.

    Heaven preserve me from the lot of you :-)

    (I am delighted to have thumbs up... safely this side of a computer.)
    EXACLY... i am from poland ,my english i learn myself so sorry when u mast asking that question for example to me;-)

    adrianna, you are welcome to join us.

    Learning a foreign language is not easy and you are doing very well.


    you are trying and that is what counts, english is a hard & confusing language to learn!

    You certainly know a lot more English than I know Polish! Good for you.
    Sometimes we forget this site in used by people from around the world. It is also used by very young people that haven't developed their vocabulary that well. If it was restricted it to only English speaking adults, then we could be critical of the grammar.
    I have been married (at different times) to two foreign born ladies, and when I misunderstand something they say, I think to myself, when I learn a second language, I'll be critical.
    Because English is not their first language and even some Americans don't use proper grammar. What do you expect, only English majors here?
    I know which people are not English speaking. I learnt Tamil how about that, I can write it too. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Nobody is perfect, but if you learnt English in school you should know how to use it.
    english grammer differs accordingly to which country the writer is from. often it is only mispelling, but a few are illiterate,as long as we can decipher it we can answer their questions, nobody perfect.

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