do you think it was wise of Quantas and Singapore Airlines to buy the new A380 with the faults they are experiencing.?

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    Qantas outsources their servicing to Singapore. When they used Australian engineers, there were no problems. Most of their planes have some problem.
    Thumbs up to eggplant. QANTAS the worlds safest air line will soon be a laughing stock for the sake of the "Holy Dollar" I flew to Singapore about six weeks ago on a Qantas A380 and I kid you not the left hand wing had grey undercoat about 600mm long along the leading edge You could see it as you walked down the tunnel. I flew back a week later, again QANTAS A380 and when we landed at Sydney they could not I repeat could not get the front door in the downstairs cattle (economy) class open. The passengers in economy were told they could wait until a technician arrived (hope he wasn`t coming from Singapore) or they could go up the tiny narrow stairs at the the rear of the aircraft and exit through the First Class top floor front door. "WE HAVE THAT DOOR OPEN" was all that was said no "We apologise for this, kiss my arse or anything.

    The in flight food was shit house too.

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