Why is it not inportant for the president to physically show his birth certificate?

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    Even if you apply for a job you must show a birth certificate.. One of the required laws of the USA, why does this not apply for the president? The president of the united states 'must' be born in the USA.. Of course its gone on for so long now that I really don't care anymore.. But it should be a curiosity to everyone.
    Have you ever heard any other president required to show their birth certificate? I kinda doubt it. It's all about politics.
    Ms Sinclair

    I was just about to respond the way you did when I saw your answer.

    @Ms Sinclair I like to return the favor, TU!!!
    A certificate of live birth doesn't hold the same legal weight as a birth certificate. Just thought I'd mention that.

    thumbs up bb.
    I think the question should be: Why doesn't he produce an official birth certificate to settle the matter once and for all.
    Grandma in CA

    He's a political figure & should have showed it as soon as it was questioned, it comes with the territory. Then it would not have dragged on as long as it did.
    What is he supposed to do? Hold it up in front of the news cameras and let them enlarge it so the whole country can peruse it?? Too much craziness!
    Some people think they are above such things. Of course, we would all have to show our BC for any government benefit.
    I'm sure other presidents had to show birth certificates at some point. This one just made news because there is NO BIRTH CERTIFICATE showing a live birth on US soil.
    at first it gives them time to get one made up so that it look like the real McCoy. after that it all depends on how many want to see it. its a game with the people.
    Every one is supposed to produce the Birth certificate when they are vetted. Don't know what that is? LOOK it up.
    Because you have to be an American born citizen to be president. If you can not PROOVE it you are not supposed to be able to even run. So now anyone can run and lie. Right?

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