Christianity and War

    Why do so many Christians support war (serve in military, minister to soldiers, exalt soldiers as heroes) when the first commandment is Thou Shall Not Kill, and Jesus's ministry and character was all about non-violance?

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    papa peg

    I think all soldiers are heroes.

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    actually its the 6th commandment..the first commandment is to trust god false gods
    Killing is murder! Killing people in the name of God is murder. No wonder people turn away from Christianity.

    This is the definition of Murder, Same Source:

    Murder is the unlawful killing of another human being with "malice aforethought", and generally this state of mind distinguishes murder from other forms of unlawful homicide (such as manslaughter). As the loss of a human being inflicts enormous grief upon the individuals close to the victim, as well as the fact that the commission of a murder is highly detrimental to the good order within society, most societies both present and in antiquity have considered it a most serious crime worthy of the harshest of punishment. In most countries, a person convicted of murder is typically given a long prison sentence, possibly a life sentence where permitted, and in some countries, the death penalty may be imposed for such an act. A person who commits murder is called a murderer?.[1]

    Because of Tryannous Ignorance. War is the domain of darkness, the domain of men.


    Yes it is, plain and simple!

    Now that I've read what you commented on I think you had a point, I was exhausted and angry when I left those comments. It wasn't my brightest moment here, but later we became online friends and had a mutual respect for each other.

    If you were to take this one discussion, I could see where you would misjudge me, I have many other brighter moments here if you would have only taken the time to look.

    Why do so many non-Christians support war? People of all races, religions, creeds, and colors support war. This question is just bashing or singling out one group.

    Would you like to be held accountable for what every member of your group has done?

    The Ten Commandments do not include the element of war, my point is they both are two different things. Simply put look up the dictionary definitions of each word.
    Grit Savage

    read the question leeroy!! it specifically asks why so many christians support war! which is contrary to the "first commandment"

    you actually state leeroy that "This question is just bashing one group of people who "support" war". well, why do you support war??


    Fundamentalists of any creed down through the ages, ever support war, in fact even declare it! As of old: Woe, woe, woe be unto these politicians, charlatans, traditons who ever make war for the sake and in the name of God! This includes especially the sudo-christian orthodox system; torturing, murdering true seekers for their thinking; for perceiving that which they cannot.

    From age to age the sins of their fathers do they do, for they know not the ONE. It such as these who slew the prophets and crucified our beloved Jesus; for HE was the metaphysician of his time; His Age. We are now in the New Age, Aquarius. Yet, the ignorace remains even unto this time, it is knowledge without understanding; ignorance raised to its new position.

    But be of Good Cheer the third dispensation is come upon us; is open to us, in this New Age. Let them hear it and receive as many as are able now in this time and in this place. Amen.

    The bible says thou shalt not commit murder... there is a big difference in killing and murder... Even more so as it is written in hebrew txt.



    Is it murder if we invade another nation and kill defenders of that nation under the pretense of searching for WMD?



    So only the one giving the order is the murderer.



    Sounds like an explanation they could have used for the Crusades. OK, Jenn. I'm sure it makes sense for you. I'll let you have it and not argue it anymore. : )

    Grit Savage

    "there is a big difference in killing and murder"??? whats the difference jenn??


    IF you are following orders.. No.


    When the bible was written many words carried greater meaning... The translated version of not the same as the word kill. To kill is to have cause... murder has an evil intent. I am not arguing biblical precipalities. That is just something I don't do. I just realize there are alot of misconceptions about Christianity by ppl of all faiths.(even Christians)


    True Jenn, the Bible was translated from Hebrew and many words have different meanings. It all depends on who translates the words. The intention of the writer may be different that that of the translator. I remember when in Catholic High School (40 years ago) the nuns taught us that the same word for pain also means joy. The Bible says that women shall bring forth children in much pain. The nun said, what if it really meant women shall bring forth children in much joy? Don't forget that MEN translated the Bible.

    As a Christian I believe war is necessary , because of men like Sadam Hussien. If we let men and thier   followers just go on about thier business then lots of innocent people would suuffer and or die as they did until someone stepped in. What about when the towers fell ? Should we have just ignored this .As for the commandment thou shall not kill, that means a man in his own heart decides to do evil and commits murder that is what that is talking about hun.Please don"t have anger towards Chistians we are not all self rightous and condeming..

    The God of Abraham never suggested that a nation avoid standing up and fight if necessary to protect one's home and independence. Combat is not condemed by our God. Fighting for one's nation, Mom and apple pie is traditional and honorable. In fact, the majority of combat soldiers are of the Christian faith.

    Read the old testement and note the ancient Hebrews march into the Promised Land, and who were required to fight and kill for that promised land. Nothing has changed. Would you prefer to salute Hitler, Stalin, Mao and countless other madmen or would you prefer to be free and live life with dignity and freedom? Protecting one's nation is an honor; to turn one's back is cowardly and guarantees a blood bath for the innocent.

    Wake up and smell the roses. The only thing that protects you from harm is God and the American soldier who freely walks into harms way because we love our country and hard fought freedoms.



    Maybe that's what this is about Grit, "who were required to fight and kill for that promised land" The USA is fighting for the oil rich promised land and the God of Abraham condones it : )

    Grit Savage

    so nothing to do with the usa's huge demand for oil??


    Yes alot of war is about oil , but what about the sudi war? Was that not Iraq wanting Isreal to wiped off the map!!!! So the USA stepped in and defended a nation that has fought since the begining!
    Yeah, but the bible is full of violence. Have you read it.

    Heh good call name "eggplant."


    Here is the definition of war, source WikipediA

    War generally involves two or more organized groups or parties (often, nations). Such a conflict is always an attempt at altering either the psychological hierarchy or the material hierarchy of domination or equality between such groups. In all cases, at least one participant (group) in the conflict perceives the need to either psychologically or materially dominate the other participant. Amongst humans, the perceived need for domination often arises from the belief that an essential ideology or resource is somehow either so incompatible or so scarce as to threaten the fundamental existence of the one group experiencing the need to dominate the other. Leaders will sometimes enter into a war under the pretext that their actions are primarily defensive, however when viewed objectively, their actions may more closely resemble a form of unprovoked, unwarranted, or disproportionate aggression.


    When are you ever going to have an inspired thought; a Revelation of your own? You do not honor the writers you COPY; you download volumes, you don't understand yourself, as though you wrote their works yourself. The very thing you have accuse others of, when they offer such Light. Sadly you are so busy judging and imposing, your own shallow doctrines, you haven't the time to listen inward little lone to hear the Spirit speaking to you through others. In "THE TIME" you would have been among the pharisees, when Christ through Jesus presented such radical doctrine as would change the world. Though you are not alone in this as this site is a testament.

    You actually think no one could receive a spiritual or inspirational thought of their own particularly at this most auspicious time; a new time of the Revelation of the Revelations! You have yet to know and hear the Spirit within. Sadly this deafness is because you are so busy judging and imposing your own shallow interpations of holy doctrine. One honors these Great Ones only when one draws New Light, Inspiration, Revelation from their inspired works. Thus is the Light of understanding greater and greater, that it may Light the way in this New Age. You have the zeal, but when are you going to WAKE UP! Let them hear it who can let them receive it who can now in this TIME and in this PLACE, the the shadows may receive the LIGHT. Amen.

    Gabalis, you are way off and I won't hold it against you. I don't ever recall thumping someone for doing research and posting an answer. In fact I very rarely do that unless the answer is terrible or ridiculous. Apparently you aren't looking at all of my answers, just a few. Maybe you are referring to my sense of humor, sometimes I jest.

    If you had taken the time look up most of my answers and questions, you will see that I there is an abundance of my own thought involved in the them. In fact most answers are completely my own. If you want to present your judgment, that's your prerogative. The fact that it didn't strike a chord with me tells me that my conscience is clear. I suppose it's you perspective which you are welcomed to.

    Many of my answers contain (my opinion) or thought, as well as others that are copied from research, which I have personally taken the time to read. Some answers are better short and simple.

    I don't necessarily have to agree completely with something to post it, especially if it is going to add to a discussion. Many questions here only require a simple copied or searched answer.
    Most times it may only add to a discussion bringing more dimensions of thought, rarely is it harmful.

    Some Christians are to heavenly minded to be of any earthly good, as you may know Jesus spent much of His time with tax collectors and sinners. If you cannot relate to the world, you won't be effective in the world. I have seen people come on this site quoting Bible verses, ((like I did when I first arrived)) and I have seen them be ignored and watched them fit into peoples preconceived molds. Survivors are those who adapt to their environment. I'm not saying there isn't a time and place for place for everything, what I'm referring to is being wise as a serpent and gentile as a dove.

    There is more than one way to do things, I'm sure you realize this... If you win people over by relating to them on a personal level, well that's something completely different. Sometimes our job is to plant or water, not to harvest. If you can't see the value of making secular friends, and relating to them on a level, or that you both have common ground(( I won't bash you for it))There are different parts of the body that have different purposes, maybe you can't see this, but it doesn't make it less effective. Colleen, Grit, and I later became friend on this site.

    When are some Christians going to understand that secular people don't understand Christianese? Realistically it's highly probable that you have no idea of what my thoughts or intentions are, how could you? Maybe you have psychic abilities I'm not aware of, but I doubt it... Something you may want to consider before jumping to anymore conclusions like your last one. You don't have to admit it, but you did jump to judgment over one small conversation. Peace to you Gabalis.

    War: Deut. 20
    It's particularly difficult for us to place war in the context of worship. Yet even this feature of Israel's experience was governed by God's loving laws. War is always tragic. Yet in this world, wars come. How good to see that even in the conduct of war God teaches His people to act in a responsible and compassionate way.
    What are the unique features of war as it was to be conducted by God's people?
    First, when war began a priest was to encourage God's people not to fear: "The Lord your God is the One who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies to give you victory" (Deut. 20:4). Israel was to rely not on military superiority or advanced weaponry, but on God.
    Second, after the exhortation, army officers were to excuse persons who had just married, or built a new home, or planted a new vineyard. In addition "any man afraid or fainthearted" was also excused. Only those with a strong trust in God were invited to battle. The fearful were to go home "so that his brothers will not become disheartened too" (Deut. 20:8).
    Third, when the army marched to an enemy city, the army was to "make its people an offer of peace" (Deut. 20:10). The people of a city that surrendered were not to be harmed, but would become subject to Israel. If the city resisted, the men were to be killed but the women and children spared.
    Fourth, when a city was under siege the Israelites were told, "Do not destroy its trees by putting an ax to them, because you can eat their fruit. Do not cut them down. Are the trees of the field people, that you should besiege them?" (Deut. 20:19-20) The land and its productivity were not to be destroyed in battle rage.

    These are the Old Testament rules of war given to Israel by Moses a prophet of God. Even though war is a horrible thing, they still showed compassion to their enemies. I think as a veteran and a Christian American, I have and will serve my country and my God, out of respect, duty and honor. If you don't like or respect that, it doesn't matter to me. You wouldn't have the freedoms you do today if it weren't for the hero's who gave their lives for their country.

    The only reason you can enjoy the freedoms of today, is because of the many who gave their lives for their country and beliefs. They fought for all of our freedoms. You should be ashamed of yourselves calling war murder.



    "You should be ashamed of yourselves calling war murder. "

    Sometimes it is when it's based on lies.


    Sorry, I was assuming you had a conscience, you know what they say about assuming. The majority of people who go to war, believe in the cause, or what their superior officers tell them.

    It's not murder if you are tricked or lied to as long as you believe or trust your government.

    I'm not saying that this is the case with everyone, nor am I trying to justify war. I am only saying that murder and war are two different things.

    Get em Leeroy!! I have a thought what is the differance in murder or killing in the case of a woman who uses abortion as birth control? She waits trying to decide if she wants a child or not and so she decides at 6 months that she does not the abortion is done so did she kill her baby or murder it!!!!!

    I had forgot how judgmental you use to be. I have no conscience? Please, that's an over the top comment.
    A war based on lies is still murder that is linked to the one(s) sending the men to do the killing. Whatever leader OK'd the war is the murderer. I thought at the time you could open your mind better than this. My mistake.

    Not sure how abortion correlates with Christianity and war but if it works for you.......How about the innocent people murdered in wars? The women and children, murdered because of wars.

    . . . the innocent always pay the price, soldiers, citizenry, animals, the enviornment itself!

    I don't much agree with your assessment about Christians promoting war. 
    You've already been corrected about the "first commandment".
    Jesus's ministry centered more on the fact that God had sent Him to earth to be the Savior of the world; all one need do was acknowledge Jesus as the Son of God and Savior for mankind.  

    Where are you amassing all of your misinformation? 

    I don't understand it either. Maybe it's just due to greed and lust and nothing to do with the bible. Although, there is a bit of violence in that too.

    As JC said (Matt 10:34) , ''I come not to bring peace, but with a sword''.

    There does seem to be a link between the church and war but not originating with Christianity. I think it is in how church structure links to other churches  to express a consensus throughout the denominational system. I don’t know if the Masonic previous ties to the Illumenati sponsored various wars, but it seems likely. 


    It was the influence of the leader of the Illumenati in the 1950’s that persuaded NATO and the US Congress to eliminate the world wars by having small wars that could be fought continually.

    Leeroy, thank you,

    I appreciate your input and candor in your comments and will read more closely, and try to present things more plainly.  After all this is the Dawning of the New Age of Aquarius.  The Time prophised of Jesus when the Mysteries of God shall be made plain.  And as each and everyone is able let us revel and revelate in this Glorious Time.  Amen 

    Although I have noted greatly, that many on these labels offer many parables and such (most draging and dropping), expecting one to research, yet do not offer anything enlightening regarding the Spiritual intent of such riddles.  One certainly evolvves faster in Consciousness, with ones own efforts, meditation and pondering to arrive at the understanding of any such guides offered.  And again I thank you for the Heads Up, God bless ;-) 


    Christendom and Judaism  practice immorality, and their history abounds with wars and the shedding of blood. Only God can stop it.

    What,???? so i am not allowed to defend myself,my family,my friends,and other countries,,is that not the same as suicide,???,none of these conversations are cut and dried as " thou shalt not kill",,A murderer who kills and robs is not the same as a victim who kills to survive..there are times to kill,but never to murder,,the part that everyone the spiritual world behind the natural world,,and that is why the plans of men and mice come undone,,but never the plans of the spiritual realm which belongs to Jesus and God..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I think the link between Christianity and war is based in the belief in sacrifice. Sacrifice originated in paganism and on into Jewish history. Caine killed Able, his half brother because Able’s offering was acceptable to God but Cain’s was not acceptable to God because his offering was not given without strings….Caine offered to gain favor,  not whole-heartedly.  God only accepts offerings that are wholeheartedly and unconditionally offered. Giving to get has never worked. Sacrificial offerings     were common in the early church which made the church more like a ritualized blood-sport spectacle complete with money laundering and trades as side shows. Sacrifice proved to be a  stogy concept to expel and even the sacrifice of Jesus was not sufficient to drive the relic from the beliefs of early Christians.

    Assassins of the day would be sent to their bloody task over a ritual of wine and bread. The assassin was given wine and bread and told that this represents the blood and bones of the target for assassination, to drink and eat then when filled go to them and kill them.

    And so it was at the Last  Supper Jesus sought to bring an end to sacrifice in the minds of His followers by asking them to eat and drink of his blood and bone with irony and sarcasm, for their persistence in clinging to their belief in the value of sacrifice. Jude arrived late having been on an errand and having planned the betrayal. The bowl of bread was offered him….the rest of the story you know.

    The early church taught not to sacrifice….but such a teaching is difficult to grasp when bread and wine is offered those who are hungry, thirsty and do not understand the metaphor. So this metaphoric instruction was lost and the church changed the ritual to the embrace of sacrifice.

    So to this day children are sent forth in sacrifice, themselves for the benefit of others in war.

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