how can get direct deposit for s.s.d.

    social security direct deposit

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    I'm interested in receiving my benefits electronically. What should I do?

    Here are three options:
    If you have an account, go to your bank, savings and loan or credit union. They can answer your questions about direct deposit.

    If you don't have an account, consider opening one and sign up for direct deposit at that time. Most banks, savings and loans and credit unions offer a variety of accounts, some with little or no fees. Look for one that meets your needs.

    You can enroll in the Direct Express® Debit Card. It is a great alternative, you can use to access your benefits. And you don’t need a bank account.

    Consider opening a low-cost Electronic Transfer Account (ETA) that features a maximum cost of $3.00 per month and a minimum of four cash withdrawals per month.

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